Saturday, July 05, 2008

Thank you Friend

A very dear friend of mine sent me this Blogger template - I LOVE IT!! I do seriously have a Flamingo Fetish and this is perfect for a Floridagirl - don't you think?? Well this has inspired me to do some revamping with my blog - I know I have said it before - and I really want to. But here is the thing - I am intimidated by blogger - I never used to be intimidated by computer things - I don't know why this one gets to me. But I have been assured that in the last 4-5 months blogger has become easier to navigate, to add pictures and slideshows, etc. So I am going to work on this - I am!! Only one other problem - for some reason my work computer does not like blogger sites - so I will have to do all of this from home - which limits my time - ahhh. So be patient with me friends and watch for some more changes.

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Pinky said...

Hey your blogging YA!!!!!