Sunday, February 11, 2007

10 THINGS (that make me happy)


2.My Faith

3.Being a Grandma

4.Friends - all kinds....they know who they are

5.Scrapbooking /Scrapbook shopping / My computer

6.Music / My MP3 Player

7.Mother Nature - Natures Beauty

8.My Collections

Flamingos (ever since I met Ned)

Kokopelli - they remind me of my MOM

Snowmen - I have soooooo many - I LOVE THEM!!

I love frogs

Tigers - remind me of my Dad - such majestic creatures

9. Coffee/Mountain Dew

10. Cowboys/Wranglers (Wrangler butts drive me nuts!!)


doll~ said...

I love a lot of your choices... Nice Top 10!!! ;)

Jen said...

Nice choices Cherrie.
I love your pics you chose too!!!